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car wash equipment

The car wash equipment

The car wash equipment that we provide our clients is professional and will ensure thorough cleaning of every type of vehicle. Regardless of the car wash equipment that you are seeking you can find it when you contact us. We have coin-operated car wash machines as well as self-operated ones. These will not need staff to operate them but your very own clients can work them and wash their cars thoroughly and however long they need to. We also have roll-over car wash machines for those that want to option of waiting till their car is done.

auto garage

The auto garage equipment

We have all the equipment needed for even the most modern garages. You will find all the machinery you need to test and fix everything within a vehicle. We have high-quality auto- lifts for all types of vehicles and for the comfort of you, the professional. We can supply air compressors, tyre changers, wheel balancers, and wheel alignment equipment. We are also proud of our vast choice of tyres for all kinds of cars, you can rest assured that you will never have to turn a client away when you trust us with your stock. Moreover, we supply chain hosts, hydro-pneumatic jugs and all the equipment and machinery needed for an accurate and up to standard VRT test.

why choose us?

Why Choose Us?

We supply brands such as Jetwash and Pinguino, we continually make sure that that we only supply equipment and machinery from the best in the business. We also designed a service that will benefit the client in every way. In fact we offer you a consultation with us so that together we can work out the best deal depending on your budget, preferences and needs. We supply every piece of equipment needed to complete your auto garage with the latest in superior technology. Our machinery is vast and adheres to every need, you can rest assured that whatever part you play in the industry you will find the perfect machinery for your purpose. 

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